In 1970, three Medical Mission Sisters reached Kohima, Nagaland, to pioneer our mission in North East.  It was to respond to a particular challenge for health service in Nagaland. The intention was not to build a big hospital, but to work with the people, defining needs and responses with them. Soon, the sisters identified villages in Kohima as their focus of involvement. This was a small beginning of the foundation of District North East India, which became an autonomous unit of the Society in 1979.  In the early 70s, we entered into Garo Hills to extend our healing mission and in 2005 into Assam. Though we have been always small in number, our mission continues to move forward by the grace of God to make a difference in this wonderful and yet tormented corner of the world.

We, Medical Mission Sisters, commit ourselves to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life. Our motto is to be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world in the Spirit of Jesus, the Healer. We are an international congregation, gathered together from 19 countries around the world.  We are a missionary congregation. To be a missionary means for us that no matter where we live, the whole earth is the place of our care and concern. Deeply rooted in the Gospel and its essential values, we live out our religious commitment together to build a Reign of God in our midst.


foundress morther(Dr)Anna Dengal
Our focus of mission in the District North East is to be “Healing and Wholeness” with special emphasis on the empowerment of people through a socio-medical approach in our ministries.  We also network with the church and government to carry out our various developmental programs more effectively to improve the quality of life of the people

01. Through dispensary in our four communities, we offer primary health care and alternative therapies, train village health workers, provide health awareness education and coordinate the regional health activities.
02. In the Rehabilitation Centre in Chumukedima, Nagaland (a diocesan venture) we guide and accompany those who are addicted to drug and alcohol, especially the youth of all castes and tribes.
03. In collaboration with the diocese, we reach out to the youth by offering various programmes such as HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and life skill education, and counselling. Peace Channel Activities
04. In 1995, a small-scale cooperative society was started in Garo Hills to help small rubber growers to get maximum benefit for their labour of many years. Over the years, it has developed into a much larger and comprehensive organization to facilitate in bringing about an economic revolution among poverty-stricken people.
05. For the Muslim and the Santhal women and children, who are among the most marginalized groups in the Northeast, literacy and self-development programmes are given regularly.
06. Care for the Earth is a special feature for us. We do organic farming like most of the people in the region do and use natural resources very consciously