Today we, Medical Mission Sisters feel a particular urgency to share with others the joys and benefits of membership in a community we love, so that we might increase our corporate capacity for doing God’s work.

Do you want to follow the footsteps of Jesus? Do you feel called to be in solidarity with the rest of the suffering world in its struggle towards healing and wholeness?  Do you have passion for peace and justice? Are you seeking an alternative lifestyle, one that has purpose and meaning?

If so, and if you have a large heart for loving and a willingness to change, ability to laugh and to accept your own vulnerability, consider sharing your life with us. We promise to support you and love you as we do God’s work together. We will walk together to discover and express our own gifts for the greater glory of God.

Come and share our vision for a new world order of justice, equality and peace & harmony.

Come and join in our life journey to become who we are meant to become!

If you would like more information about our life and work, please contact us.