In the year 1970 the Society began its services in North East India and Kohima is the first venture of Medical Mission Sisters. The light and wisdom of Vatican II led our Society to a thorough analysis and continuous reflection of Medical Missions’ charism of healing mission in the existing involvement. The post Vatican Chapter in 1967 enlightened the members with new dreams, hopes and possibilities to opt for the poor in various expression of mission. Taking up the challenge of the All India Seminar on ‘Church in India Today’ declaration held in Bangalore in 1969 and in the light of the Society’s Documents MMS responded to this call. It was the first joint venture of South and North Districts under the Sector auspices to have a mission with new thinking and approaches. Archbishop Hubert Rosario of Shillong was our sponsor. The mission began in May 1970 and the pioneer members were Sr. Asha Tobin, Sr. Agnes Myladiyil and Sr. Vincentia Peedikamalayil.

February 2, 1979, North East India became a separate province with 22 sisters, Sr. Elizabeth Koonthanam as the first District Coordinator.

March 25, 2003 was a very significant and happy day for the District as the first local vocation ripened, Sr. Dominica Lakra and made her first profession of vows. With this event, District North East India became a “District of Origin. Now there are five sisters from the district of origin and among them two are finally professed. In July, 2004 the 25years of foundation as the District was celebrated in Mendipathar, East Garo Hills.

In 2007 the District was divided into two areas known as Nagaland and ASME. At present the District Coordinator Sr. Rose Kayathinkara

We, Medical Mission Sisters are an international missionary congregation whose members are from 17 countries around the world. Our charism is to be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world in the Spirit of Jesus, the Healer and we commit ourselves to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life. To be a missionary is to become rooted in the Gospel values and in a spirituality which reverences the earth and the whole of creation as a community of life. We continue our Sacred Journey into the future by appreciating and accepting the multicultural living and our internationality.

Kohima is the first venture of Medical Mission Sisters in North East India in 1970 taking up the challenge of the all India Seminar on Church in India Today declaration held in Bangalore and the Society Document.

February 2, 1979, North East India became a separate province with 22 sisters, Sr. Elizabeth Koonthanam as the first District Coordinator.
  Our focus of mission in the District North East is to bring “Healing and Wholeness” with special emphasis on the empowerment of people through a spiritual and socio-medical approach. To become more effective in improving the quality of life of the people we join hands with the Church, Government and other like minded groups and individuals. We continue our ministries through dispensaries providing primary health care and alternative therapies, training of village health workers. Also our focus is on awareness education on HIV/AIDS, rehabilitation of chemical dependents and youth ministry.
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